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Capri Marquee

Wedding Photographer The Capri Marquees are the most  distinctive and affordable party marquees currently available in Sussex. Its modern,  spacious design eliminates ropes and guy lines. Best of all, its sweeping  design is dramatically different from traditional tents. It is a marquee your  family and guests will remember and comment on for a long time after the event. Wedding Photographer The party marquee can seat up to  80 people or 100 people standing. For a larger party, two marquees can be  linked together to seat up to 160 guests. As you can never rely on the good  old English weather, we can supply marquees with sidewalls and these are both clear and white paneled which give you the feel of space and light within the tent. Traditional marquees can also be supplied in various  sizes with lining, lights, flooring and staging , please ask us for .These marquees look stunning in any location and at this venue Northease Manor Wedding Venue they offset the traditional with the modern, also these can be decorated inside with bunting, hanging paper laterns , fairy lights or even some family photos hanging from the side polls to give a touch of fun to the day.

Wedding Photographer If you are having a marquee in your own garden we can also provide a catering tent and all cooking equipment. The capri marquee is 30 ft wide and 40 ft long, we can build our kitchens on site for our chefs to server your wedding breakfast from. If you would like different Marquees we closley work with other local companys,  please ask for more details.

Capri Marquees